BC&ACI Organizational Wide COVID-19 Statement @BCMI

We are The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI

Because of the complexity of this Organization and “Because We Care” we have listed the wholly-owned subsidiaries of BC&ACI and what their function is so you may understand this legally binding policy.

The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies (LLC) DBA., BC&ACI Is legally classified as a Non-Denominational Christian-Based Management and Holding Company for all its wholly-owned entities listed below:

BC&ACI Through its Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries, Wholly Owned Virtual Subsidiaries, Wholly Owned Divisions, Wholly Owned Ministries is one of the Largest Non-Denominational Christian-Based Direct Sales Co-Op Multi-Stream E-Commerce Companies worldwide. One Of The Largest Non-Denominational Christian Based Co-Op Wholesale to Retail Trading Companies, one of the Largest Christian Based Co-Op Outreach Ministries in the world of its kind. 

BC&ACI – The Organization of Bakers Concepts & Affiliated Companies – BC&ACI – (Corporate) 

BCMP – BC&ACI Marketplace (GP)  DBA, BCMP (Our E-Commerce Company) 

BEI – Bakers Enterprises (GP) DBA. BEI 

BCAANI – Bakers Concepts Advertising & Affiliate Network (GP) DBA., BCAANI

BCHCNI – Bakers Concepts HealthCare Network (GP) DBA., BCHCNI

BCPSI – Bakers Concepts Powersports (GP) DBA., BCPSI 

BCLNI – Bakers Concepts Legal Network (GP) DBA., BCLNI

BCRNI – Bakers Concepts Recruiting Network (GP) DBA., BCRNI

BCMN –     Bakers Concepts Modeling Network (GP) DBA., BCMN

BCLGS – Bakers Concepts Lead Generation Network (GP) DBA., BCLGG

BCPN – Bakers Concepts Property and Investment Network (GP) DBA, BCPINI 

BCSYN- Bakers Concepts Synthetic Lubricants (GP) DBA., BCSYN

BCSI – Bakers Concepts Solutions (GP) DBA., BCS

BCTN – Bakers Concepts Worldwide  Travel and  Transportation Network (GP) DBA., BCWTTN 

BCMI – Bakers Concepts Ministries  (GP) DBA., BCMI

The Organization of Bakers Concepts & Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI COVID-19 Virus Statement…

Statement Effective Since March 2020 to Present Day 

We realize that this time is very hard for all of us no matter who you are or where you are from around the world. BC&ACI Contractual Independent Contractors (All levels of the company) are all working from home offices as we always have since January of 1995.

We are consistently working with our suppliers to keep products moving from our co-op-affiliated/partners factories and warehouses and co-op-affiliated/partner warehouses all over the world. We are shipping products and services from all our wholly-owned subsidiaries,m wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, wholly-owned divisions, and wholly-owned ministries. We are working with our shipping partners to keep products moving. Questions in regards to packages contact us directly!! You can reach us via any one of our wholly-owned sites, by phone at (774) 217-6491…

BC&ACI Business Account Executives (at all levels of the company) are here and on staff during normal business hours to assist in any matter concerning any of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries.

BC&ACI is hiring inquiries on our websites or contacting us directly. We are the largest Christan Based Direct Sales E-Commerce company in the world. Our company is run on the home-based business model and operates much like a Financial Brokerage and or Real Estate Company. Interested in working with us? Call us today!! (774) 217-6491. Visit Bakers Concepts Recruiting Network. “Let’s face it every relationship starts with a conversation” ~Pastor Danny. Ok, email us your resume at recruiting@bcaci.net…

Bakers Concepts Ministries, DBA., BCMI Pastoral Advisors are online for all customers and families of the ministry who would like a little guidance and direction and or prayer during this time of need. Please remember “We can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens thee.” ~ Phillipians 4:13 ESV. 

We stand with all of you!! Let us continue to help make “Spiritual and Financial Dreams Possible.’ ~ Daniel Baker and Marcy Rios and all BC&ACI Contractual Business Executives worldwide… We thank you for your interest in our company…

God Bless and Make it a Great Day!!

Organizational Executive Management Notice: 

​The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI is collectively corporately administered by a group of Contractual Independent Contractors otherwise known as Corporate Business Executives who believe and live The BC&ACI Vision, BC&ACI Mission, and The BC&ACI Core Beliefs. These individuals live by Christian Principals, Success Principals Foundational Principals, and Financial Principals. All these principles on which BC&ACI is founded.

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